Providing excellence in our services is the bedrock of our business. We are fully aware of the pressures of the modern design environment with cost and time to market often being the paramount concerns. Early decisions in the design cycle can have a major effect on these parameters and this is where experience and solid basic engineering come in to their own and this is when we prefer to become involved.

It is not a perfect world though and we are often asked to help when a project has become bogged down with technical problems. Again, this is where experience and solid basic engineering are vital.

Of course over the years we have worked on a wide variety of projects and not limited to new product development or even design work. Here are some examples of the range of services we have performed for our customers:

- RF and Microwave design.
- Analogue and Digital design. High end audio design is a speciality.
- EMC advice and some pre-compliance measurements, prior to formal CE approval testing.
- Design of modifications and test for CE approval failures.
- Prototype and small/medium production runs.
- On-site design services.
- Advice on mechanical design for tooling and assembly.
- PCB design - SMT and conventional. Experienced with Cadence (Orcad), Visula, Protel and other software design tools.
- Research projects including production of hardware for system verification.
- In house prototype PCB production (non PTH).
- Gate Array design (Xilinx and others).
- Component procurement and kitting for prototype runs.
- Patent applications advice and document preparation.
- Independent design reviews.
- Preparation of expert witness statements for patent disputes.

In addition, we have produced PC control software and embedded software using our close associates specialising in the software arena. This can be managed by us or, of course, we can work with your own preferred software team to fully integrate hardware, firmware and software.

We also work regularly with contract manufacturers to produce both prototype and small production quantities of various designs.